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As CHEER ATHLETES, it is our mission to uphold the pride and tradition of the Kennedy High School Fighting Irish through the unification of the student body, alumni and fans. We will support as many athletic events as possible and promote a positive game-day atmosphere for Kennedy High School, its athletes, and its community.



As CHEER ADVISOR and CHEER COACHES, we will strive to instill tradition, honor, commitment, and pride in our teams and in each other. We will build a solid foundation based on trust and loyalty. We will work to be organized, consistent and supportive to make this an exemplary cheer program and a positive experience for all.


As CHEER BOOSTERS, we will strive to continuously support the advisor, coaches, athletes, and families of the Kennedy High School Cheerleading Program in their goal to achieve competitive success as well as a spirited community on and off the Kennedy campus.


Go Fighting Irish!

Our Mission
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